Street Fighter V Characters To Make Up Five Years Of DLC, Total Of 44 Characters Seen, Collector?s Edition To Include RYU Figurine & 3 Months Subscription To PS Plus

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And just like in the previous game, Street Fighter V is definitely going to last long.

Yep, Capcom has just confirmed that Street Fighter V will have more DLC arriving for their upcoming Street Fighter V. This was according to producer Yoshinori Ono. In an interview with Eurogamer,
Ono mentioned that it will take up to five years before the game can reach its full list of character roster, which was said to be at around 44 characters with 16 to be available at launch day and 6 more will be arriving in 2016.

It was also confirmed that the upcoming characters will be available for free and can be unlock by earning enough fight points in the game. Unlike the previous games like Street Fighter IV where whenever a new set of characters were added or there more changes in the game balance, Capcom will release a new edition of the game, so far there are four versions of Street Fighter IV with the recent and final edition is Ultra Street Fighter IV. However the five year plan may change depending on the reception of the game, Ono stated that this was the initial plan for Street Fighter V.

Meanwhile, Capcom is also releasing a Collector?s Edition for Street Fighter V once the game becomes available. The Collector?s Edition will include a Ryu figurine, art book, character cards and 3-month subscription to PlayStation plus, and it will also include the limited edition Mad Catz Chun-Li Tournament Edition 2 arcade stick, all for a price of $329.98. However this is only limited to 400 units. Good thing Capcom has partnered with GameStop so that hardcore fans can get a chance to preorder this rare bundle.

Street Fighter V will be available on the PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16, 2016.

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