Street Fighter V Characters And Release Date: Dhalsim Is Back, Feb 2016 Launch Confirmed!

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The master of Yoga Fire is back with some new tricks as well as some big details for the expected Street Fighter V launch date. That is right, Dhalsim will be back in Street Fighter sporting an all-new look and some new tricks. Now have a long beard and wearing a turban, Dhalsim?s style will still retain though he has some new moves to add on his arsenal. As a true zoning character, Dhalsim uses his long arm and leg attacks to keep opponents at bay and using slow projectiles in frustrating opponents in doing an offensive.

He now has a Yoga Float as his V-Skill and Yoga Burner for the V-Trigger. Once activating his V-Skill, Dhalsim can float on mid-air for seconds which forces opponents to use air attacks, his Yoga Burner V-Trigger shoots out a stream of flames that stays on the floor for a period of time, any opponent who stands in the flames will slow lose life in a form of recoverable damage, but their life will recover once they step out of the flames.

As for the major update on Street Fighter V, the game will finally be available on February 16 in North America and Europe. And the best part, all post-launch related content will be earnable by Fight Money. This means Street Fighter V will not have any new separate update versions that you may need to purchase like from the previous Street Fighter IV line up.

You can these Fight Money points by completing certain tasks every day like performing a number of Hadokens, anti-air attacks, counters or V-Triggers, which is a convenient way to earn points for those who do not have time to play for a long period of time. Or you can earn Fight Money by leveling your characters by using them a lot, but take note that leveling characters does not affect the overall balance of the game, but rather it is more on earning more Fight Money.

However if you are the lazy type, you can just purchase the post-launch content with real money with the Zenny currency.

Street Fighter V will be available for the PC and PlayStation 4 on February 16.


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