Street Fighter IV: Abel Gallery And Moves

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Capcom has updated SFIV imagery on their site once again! This time we have shots of Abel doing all his moves. We also get to see the Guile backdrop at the airforce base. Check em out…enjoy!

Abel’s military influenced brand of mixed martial arts gives him speedy punches and methods to break an opponent’s blocking stance. On top of that, he also possesses complex throws and grapples. Though he lacks projectiles, his fast combos close the distance to attackers and forces them into submission in the blink of an eye.

This flurry of punches reaches its climax with a punishing throw. Following the first step of the “Change of Direction” combo, combinations of joystick and button inputs unleash a second and third step, each of which offers the opportunity for the player to switch up between mid and low level variations. The final middle and low steps are, as illustrated below, throws that toss the opponent into the air. However, these moves are technically not throws and can be deflected with a well-timed block. Even then, Abel can choose to drop out of his combo partway through and follow up with a standard through, so letting your guard down can gave grave consequences!

Twisting his body into the air, Abel brings the force of all his weight crashing down on his opponent with a devastating overhead kick. The distance traveled depends upon the button used, allowing Abel to quickly close the gap between his opponent and move in for the kill.

This move allows Abel to roll forward, then stand to face his opponent at a closer distance. While not an attack, it can be used to avoid many attacks such as incoming projectiles and set the player up for an attack of his own. You can even roll behind an attacking opponent, catching them off guard and putting them in a vulnerable position.

Extending his powerful arm diagonally upward, Abel can pull an airborne opponent from the sky and bring them crashing down. As the sole ground to air move in Abel’s arsenal, this throw is extremely potent.

Grabbing his opponent and swinging them through the air, Abel follows up by mercilessly slamming them to the ground with this powerful grapple technique. Though the input command is difficult to master and the move can only be used on opponents on the ground, the damage it deals is so great, that players should try to use it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Abel’s Super Combo sees him pummeling his opponent mercilessly with a series of powerful punches, then following up with a move that varies depending upon the button pressed. Jab ends with a tackle. Strong finishes up with a Tornado Throw. Fierce puts a stop to the violence by first knocking the opponent into the air, then grabbing them and slamming them to the ground with a Falling Sky.

Abel’s formidable Ultra Combo has him lost in a blind rage, first punishing his opponent with a series of punches, then moving on to a powerful front kick. After that, he tosses his foe into the air like a rag doll, jumping to meet them in mid air and personally delivering them to the ground with all his might!












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