Street Fighter 5 is the Worst Fighting Game of This Generation?

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Street Fighter 5

Recently, a lag comparison video from Battle(non)sense pitted Capcom?s Street Fighter 5 against Mortal Kombat X and Skullgirls. In the end, Street Fighter 5 turned out to have the most lag among the three games. Does this make Street Fighter 5 the worst fighting game available this generation?

As seen in Battle(non)sense?s video, Street Fighter 5 tops the list in both local and online multiplayer input lag tests. Technically, Street Fighter 5 is the slowest of the sampled bunch in the video. It does feel demotivating that Street Fighter 5?s pace is affected by this issue, but it?s needed to keep much of Street Fighter 5?s charm.

Street Fighter is grounded and mechanically rewarding in its systems. Without universal air dashes in every character, players will have to focus more on efficient grounded tactics to gain the upper hand in matches. 100% Health combo setups rarely exist in Street Fighter, so players will have to make hits count.

In addition to this slower pace, Street Fighter has players to work around, and they have to familiarize themselves with their character?s speed and frame advantage to gauge their character?s overall speed. After studying their character data, they could apply it in their playstyle to take advantage of their enemy?s openings outside a swift jab or even set up a hard-hitting, strong combo.

Spamming the run command in Street Fighter 5 isn?t always the smart tactic to show your speed to the opponent. In these systems, we see swift movements in Street Fighter due to players? knowledge of their characters.

The high input lag is justifiable for Street Fighter as it creates its own niche in fighting games. Perhaps the current build just needs overall netcode stability and more customizable graphics settings to complete the package.

As noted by Battle(non)sense, V-Sync affects Street Fighter 5?s input lag, and it can only be turned off by swimming in its codes. Its online competitive play still isn?t prominent in the mainstream games as it still has issues that hamper current owners from recommending the game. Maybe when the new character Alex and future updates are available, Street Fighter 5 might improve and further steer itself from being called the worst fighting game of this generation.

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