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Street Fighter 5 Urien: How To Get Classic Costume At The Start Of A Match

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Everyone wants to see Urien in a speedo. This is why many fans were disappointed to see his initial attire in Street Fighter 5. However, it was recently teased that the character would be able to bear most of his body while battling. Now that the update is here, fans have found a way to get sexy Urien right away.

Fans need not worry, as his speedo attire is not a Battle Costume. Unless the player has bought the season pass, these costumes can only be purchased with real money. Players will be able to use this costume right away, just not the way most thought.

Stripping Combination

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, players must use this combination during the pre-fight intro: LP+MK+HP. Not only does this work, but it can be used for all his costumes. Granted, one has to wonder why none of his alternate costumes are his classic look, but fans are happy it’s there. Thankfully, players don’t have to pay for this look.

Fans can see this in motion via this Street Fighter 5 video by Vesper Arcade. As players can see, the combination will let him burn his clothes and instantly have him in his underwear. It’s a nice touch from the developers since they know this look is what made him iconic in Street Fighter: Third Strike.

Naked Boost?

When this was teased, fans originally thought that this version of Urien would be a power-up. Now that it’s been revealed, that isn’t the case. It seems like Urien’s classic look is purely aesthetic and nothing more. At least it doesn’t make him stronger or weaker than the other characters. As far as the costumes go, this is one Capcom fans will adore.

Aside from Urien, this Street Fighter 5 update has a number of additions. There are now new stage KO’s that can be done to end the match. VS CPU has also been added, so fans can enjoy some good single-player matches. It’s not Arcade mode, but it should tide fans over.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and Windows PC. The DLC characters and stages can be bought with in-game currency. Those who want the extra content right away can purchase the US$29.99 season pass. ?

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