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Street Fighter 5 Update: Urien DLC Goes Live Today! What You Should Know

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The latest Street Fighter 5 update is expected to hit today. As most fans know, this will add Urien to the game. We will also see the VS CPU mode added to the game, which adds more single-player content. A new daily targets that will net players 1,000 upon accomplishing the task. Season Pass owners will also gain access to all of the Battle Costumes and their color palettes, which is fitting.

While this all sounds great, some fans were disappointed in Urien’s costume. For those unaware, his debut in Street Fighter Third Strike only had him in his underwear. When he debuted in the Shadows Fall DLC in a suit, fans were a bit sad not to see more of his body. It turns out we might see more of him than expected.

Urien Ready?

If this quick tweet from the Street Fighter 5 Twitter account means anything, we might see classic Urien. It seems like the almost naked version of the character is some sort of transformation. Whether this is a last-minute addition for his?V-Skill has yet to be confirmed. Still, this Street Fighter 5 update should please his fanbase.

Considering the amount of scantily clad women in the game, adding Urien in his thong makes sense. He might not be the most handsome Street Fighter, but it’s a decent bit of equality. His moves might not be as pandering as R. Mika’s, but it’s a start.

Season’s Greetings

The season pass has become much more appealing. While most of the content can be bought with fight money, the season pass ensures most of it. Players will get all six characters and their Battle Costumes. Sadly, players will still have to purchase the Battle Costumes of the other characters. Here is hoping they become Season Pass content in the future.

Now that the final DLC character has been revealed, it will be interesting to see if more characters are announced. Some were teased during the Shadows Fall DLC. Plus, there are a plethora of other iconic fighters in the Street Fighter franchise.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and Windows PC. Will this be the last Street Fighter 5 update? Only time will tell.

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