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Street Fighter 5 Update: Season Pass 2 DLC Patch Notes Reveal Huge Character Tweaks And More!

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Street Fighter 5 Update

Recently, Capcom announced that the next Street Fighter 5 update will be released on December 20. System changes, character patches and Akuma will be implemented in this update. Since Akuma will also be included, this patch may start Street Fighter 5?s second set of DLC. Here?s what we know about the upcoming Street Fighter 5 update.

Street Fighter 5 Season Pass 2

According to the official announcement on Capcom Unity, the Street Fighter 5 update is coming in today. A large amount of changes have been confirmed in this update which could be enough to change the overall gameplay of the game. Aside from the patches and Akuma, Christmas DLC costumes are also in this update.

New Character: Akuma

In the Street Fighter series, Akuma is considered one of the game?s usual picks even in crossover games. However, Akuma fans had to wait until his reveal last PlayStation Experience 2016 and release tomorrow to play him again in Street Fighter 5. Similar to other Street Fighter 5 characters, Akuma also has some new moves from his older iterations. Akuma?s popularity is due to his similarity with Ryu which has simple, strong tools but is still extremely useful in high-level play.

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Character Changes

Along with Akuma?s arrival, the current playable cast will also be tweaked in the upcoming Street Fighter 5 update. Capcom?s official post discussed character change summaries and they also compiled the specific December 20th changes in a PDF file. We?ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the game?s new best character.

In dorkygn?s thread on the Street Fighter Reddit, fans noted the changes and even some typographical errors in the full patch notes. Fans note that the Urien buffs may bring him up some tiers and make him one of the game?s best picks. Meanwhile, the typos found in the patch notes were humorous like M.Bison?s low ?100 stun meter? and Cammy?s ?Laser Edge Slicer.? Capcom may have to fix these errors to avoid any crucial misconception in the community.

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