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Street Fighter 5 Update: ?Large-Scale Improvements? To Servers In Capcom’s Roadmap, PS4 Pro Support Considered

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With Akuma possibly coming to the game, fans cannot wait for the latest Street Fighter 5 update. Despite some very serious flaws, the fighter has managed to gain a solid fan base, like all Street Fighter games. Now that fans know it will be featured in the PlayStation Experience, they are wondering what else will be shown.

Though that might remain unclear, the fighting game is set to have a long future. One of the developers stated that the game would receive support till 2020. However, one thing that can definitely be fixed is the game’s servers. Given how online play has been a big deal in this generation of gaming, this is a major issue for Street Fighter 5.

Large Scale Improvements

An interview with Famitsu that was translated by Event Hubs stated that improvements would be made. It’s not just generic improvements, but ?large scale? ones. Furthermore, Capcom is considering to add PS4 Pro support, but this decision isn’t final yet unlike their plans to improve he servers.

It seems like Capcom is taking these issues to heart, which is a good thing. After all, it’s not like there are a lot of offline modes in the game.?

Having Akuma and improved online play in a Street Fighter 5 update is far from a bad thing. The game already has a decent amount of characters, so more of them is always good. Capcom really needs to catch up though, as games like King of Fighters 14 have proven to be better.

Arcade Mode?

While Akuma and improved online play is nice, fans really want to see Arcade Mode in the game. In fact, this is probably what fans really want in the next Street Fighter 5 update. Capcom released a VS CPU mode to make fans feel better, but nothing beats a solid Arcade Mode.

Admittedly, the Shadows Fall storyline was fun to play but doesn’t really offer any replay value. If the developers want to make things right, they should have an Arcade Mode or more offline content. Still, at least the game no longer feels like a demo.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and Windows PC. The game will also be featured during this weekend’s PlayStation Experience event. ?

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