Street Fighter 5 Update: June DLC Release Date Today At CEO 2016?

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Street Fighter 5 Update

Similar to its previous updates, Capcom?s Street Fighter 5 is once again late in announcing when the next major game update will come out and will possibly get released in the month?s remaining days. However, Capcom has confirmed that they?ll announce a Street Fighter 5 update at the end of another fighting game tournament. Here?s the tweet from Capcom Fighters confirming the upcoming announcement.

According to Eventhubs, the upcoming update on Community Effort Orlando 2016 (CEO 2016) might not be a ?big announcement?, but it may at least include the update?s release date. This fighting game tournament announcement is similar to Capcom?s approach last month with Combo Breaker 2016. The Street Fighter 5 update will include the Extensive Story Mode and the delayed May update character, Ibuki.

Previously, Capcom announced details on Ibuki after the Grand Finals match of the Street Fighter 5 Tournament on Combo Breaker 2016. However, she wasn?t released within the same month and was promised in a later update for June along with the Extended Story Mode. Fans are both waiting for a new character and a campaign mode that?s confirmed to have playable versions of the future DLC characters such as Balrog, Juri, and Seth.

Balrog the Boxer was revealed after the grand finals fight between Tokido and Infiltration, and in an official Street Fighter 5 tweet, it was confirmed that the character will be available on Friday, July 1. The trailer was recently on the official YouTube page which teased the two remaining DLC characters, Juri and Urien.

Balrog is also confirmed to be playable this month despite Capcom previously announcing that they are only releasing the Extended Story Mode in their release calendar. Perhaps Ibuki?s late release has already thrown Capcom off their game update pace and they will just be releasing the characters when they are ready instead of following the schedule.

Additionally, EVO?s Joey Cuellar Twitter post confirms that Ibuki and Balrog will be playable in the EVO Championship tournaments. Fans will be able to see these characters in one of the world?s premier fighting game tournaments. However, we?ll still have to see if players will be able to find a game-breaking bug on both characters as it?ll be disappointing to see mechanically broken characters and defeat every player with an unbalanced tactic.

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