Street Fighter 5 Update: Ibuki DLC Trailer Released, Coming This May 2016?

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Street Fighter 5 Update

After the Combo Breaker Grand Finals, Capcom released a trailer showcase for Ibuki as the Street Fighter 5 update DLC character. The ninja character from Street Fighter 3 is confirmed, trumping out hopes for Balrog the Boxer this month. Shortly, Capcom released Ibuki?s trailer on Youtube, which showcased her moves in her Street Fighter 5 incarnation.

Just as the rewards ceremony happened after the Evil Geniuses Justin Wong-Flash fight, the awards ceremony was briefly interrupted for the ?surprise? promise. The ?surprise? turned out to be a trailer for Ibuki, a character?who?was previously confirmed in the DLC lineup of Street Fighter 5. Because of Ibuki’s reveal today, Balrog the Boxer might come in next month or some other time instead. Capcom didn?t include a release date in her trailer but it?s already the last days of the month so they?ll have to release it soon.

Ibuki has first been introduced as a playable character in Street Fighter 3. By concept, her character is a ninja that reflects on moveset and playstyle. Her moves often use ?Ninja tools? such as kunai throws and her strong points rely on setting the enemy up with her superior mobility. As seen in the video, she has a ton of new ninja tools used such as her V-Trigger bomb while her close quarters fighting still remains intact.

In terms of visual changes, Ibuki wears protective Ninja gear over her school uniform. Previously, Ibuki?s normal attire was a regular Ninja garb of her clan that only coincides with her identity as a ninja. With her ?Uniform Ninja? attire in Street Fighter 5, it fits correctly with her story of a young girl who?wants a normal life but cannot commit due to her heritage and training as a ninja. Despite her simple dreams, she can hold her own in a fight as seen in her gameplay trailer.

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