Street Fighter 5 Update: How Capcom Should Deal With Rage Quitters

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Street Fighter 5 Update

In Street Fighter 5, Capcom punished rage quitters and other people who avoided rank deductions by quitting games by resetting their progress back to 0. While some people learned their lesson and climbed back up fairly, Capcom has to make a system that?ll prevent future players from exploiting their rank system again. Here?s how Capcom should deal with their potential rulebreakers in their next Street Fighter 5 update.

Implement a punishment style similar to Pokken Tournament

According to Destructoid, Pokken penalizes mid-game quitters by deducting funds from the player?s in-game wallet. Losing Poke Gold will mean fewer cosmetic equipment and other shop items for the player. The concept of swift losses for the abuser will be extremely effective due to its shop system. Players will need every penny of in-game Fight Money as they?ll need 100,000 to buy DLC characters and at least 30,000 for alternate costumes of a character.

Have a warm-up round before the true fight starts

Sometimes, network lag is unpredictable, and the Street Fighter 5 Ranked Matches can only be set up through online connections. It might be best to let players test out the system, button-check, and mutually agree to get the fight going or leave the match due to lags. Once the mutual go-signal is given and the match starts, the punishment system will kick in if the players quit. Although placing yourselves in queue already gives off the vibe of gaming consent, it?s unfair if the game cannot process players who abuse its system. For now, an extra layer of security feature might be needed as the title is still in its early stages and has a slow update speed.

However, Street Fighter 5 still needs to improve the system to protect players from sudden and unintentional net connection hiccups which may affect not only gamers? League Points but also result in other losses. For now, let?s wait for the Street Fighter 5 update this March which includes Alex and see what Capcom?s security measures are.

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