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Street Fighter 5 Update 1.10 Possibly Reveals The Next DLC Fighter

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Street Fighter 5 update 1.10
Source: Street Fighter V: Ed Charater Story (Showcase) video from SDL-Miyuki-Chan

Street Fighter 5’s update 1.10 adds Ed’s story mode and explains his relevance to the fighting game’s story. However, a new character appears in his story which could be the next DLC fighter. Here’s what we know about this next character.

The Fortune Teller

As seen in Ed’s story, a “Fortune Teller” character told Ed about his future, which becomes central to Ed’s goals in the Street Fighter 5 story. Ed decides to make his own destiny despite the warnings that he’ll eventually meet his “fate,” albeit the fortune teller phrased this vaguely.

This fortune teller seems similar to the character, Rose, which also dealt with mystical energies and is a fortune teller from Genoa, Italy. In competitive play, Rose’s super move allows two projectiles to move around her and forces opponents to play defensively when active. The new character mentions about her master but didn’t say the name exactly.

Street Fighter 5 Update 1.10

According to Capcom Unity, Ed’s story mode and other battle costumes will be released this May 30. Ed’s story only consists of one fight against Balrog and tells only a part of Ed’s story. Apparently, Ed was abducted by Shadaloo for human experimentation when he was young. Shadaloo originally planned to use Ed as M. Bison’s substitute body, but the main villain supposedly dies after the Shadow Falls story.

The Fortune Teller may play a larger role if Ed is a central character later in the next Street Fighter 5 story. Shadow Falls ended with Gill plotting his own quest for world domination right after M. Bison’s base was destroyed.  Street Fighter 5 may pose Ed as a central character instead of Ryu as Ed definitely has been set up for a large character development arc. Fans will be interested if he’s going to be a force of good or be a different evil from M. Bison.

Next Characters

There are still three other characters to be released after Akuma, Kolin and Ed this 2017. Capcom promised that they’ll introduce new characters after Akuma instead of including older fighters as Street Fighter 5 DLC characters. The “Fortune Teller” character’s body shape matches the female silhouette in the second character Season Pass. For now, fans will have to wait for Capcom’s announcements for the next character.

E3 2017 is due next month and Capcom is going to appear on the show. More Street Fighter 5 information about the fortune teller character and a new story mode might be revealed on the show. Stay updated with more Street Fighter 5 news here on The Bitbag.

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