Street Fighter 5 Update 1.09 Live; Third Season Pass 2 Character Leaked On PSN

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Street Fighter 5 Update 1.09
Source: Street Fighter V M. Bison Reveal Trailer

The new Street Fighter 5 update 1.09 is now live and is confirmed to have 8 GB worth of content. Additionally, Capcom has inadvertently leaked Street Fighter 5’s next character on its season pass description on the PlayStation Network. The leak confirms that the young Shadaloo-affliated character, Ed, will be the next playable character.

Street Fighter 5 Update 1.09 Contents

The newly released Street Fighter 5 update 1.09 is around 8 GB large and contains new content for the fighting game. Only new Capcom Pro Tour 2017 costumes and color palette swaps are the new accessible content as of late. The new Capcom Pro Tour stage will be made available at a later date. The whole Capcom Pro Tour DLC package costs 24.99 US Dollars on the PlayStation Store. 

Potential 8 GB Content

8 GB worth of cosmetics doesn’t make sense as not all Street Fighter 5 players are interested in too many cosmetics. Potentially, this 8 GB update has some content to set up Ed’s release in the game. Additionally, the fighting game may also have some new balancing changes in this patch. Lastly, new maps, like the Capcom Pro Tour stage, may also be prepared for inclusion in this patch. Due to the large size of the update, it’s possible that this patch also contains other major content like a new character. 

Ed Leak

Currently, the Street Fighter 5 Season 2 season pass listing on the PlayStation Store contains a generic DLC description. However, Street Fighter 5 fans on Reddit found information that confirms the next Season 2 DLC character. Apparently, the character after Akuma and Kolin will be “Ed”. Three more characters will be revealed this 2017 after this third character is released.

Shadaloo’s Ed

Ed is one of the new characters introduced briefly during the Street Fighter 5’s story mode. Apparently, Ed is a slim, blonde, young man wearing a hoodie in Dhalsim’s stage. Similar to M. Bison, Ed also seems to have access to “Psycho Power” energy. Ed’s overall psycho energy capabilities and fighting style is still unknown. Fans are speculating that Ed will have a mix of psycho energy and boxing movesets.

Release Date For Next Character?

Fans are still waiting for Ed’s character trailer if he’s really going to get included in the roster. It’s already been two months since Capcom added a new character, Kolin. At best, it’ll take a month or two for Capcom to release the next playable character.

Potentially, the inclusion of this third character can shake the overall Street Fighter 5 gameplay depending on their tools and matchup performance. We’ll just have to wait if Ed or whoever this new third character does well against the current Street Fighter 5 roster. In the meantime, fans can explore all the new content in the Street Fighter 5 update 1.09

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