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Street Fighter 5 Tokyo Game Show 2016: Top 3 New Features Capcom Might Announce This Week

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Street Fighter 5

Capcom will have an appearance in the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2016. Street Fighter 5 is also confirmed as one of Capcom?s games to be discussed in the show. Here are some features that could be released in Capcom?s Tokyo Game Show 2016 appearance.

New Game Modes

Street Fighter 5 fans have long wanted an Arcade Mode in the game. Technically, the game already has Survival Mode for any player?s AI match needs. Perhaps, the players aren?t comfortable with the current Street Fighter 5 AI game modes to be appealing enough to make them stay. Additionally, Capcom may implement the Daily Challenges in the game to help players earn more Fight Money.

New DLC Characters

Street Fighter 5 will finally finish up its promised DLC characters on its Season Pass after Urien?s release this September. However, Capcom promised that the vanilla Street Fighter 5 disc is all the players need to enjoy this series. The game has already showed more previous playable characters in its Story mode so it definitely has a good pool of new DLC characters. For the sake of the game?s growth, Capcom may want to innovate Street Fighter 5?s metagame through introducing a healthy amount of new characters.

New Cosmetics

Additionally, Capcom may introduce a new set of palette swaps, character costumes, and even new stages to celebrate a certain occasion like EVO 2016. At best, color palette swaps could be enough effort to tangentially include characters that aren?t playable in a fighting game.

Currently, Capcom already has a Season Pass and a slightly expensive EVO 2016 paid DLC for the new stage. Capcom may want to incentivize their fans a little more with more exclusive content towards these purchases.

According to Capcom?s TGS schedule, Capcom will talk about Street Fighter 5 on September 17 and 18. Players may start viewing Capcom?s Tokyo Game Show livestream on Youtube during these dates. If possible, fans can opt to watch every Capcom show so you won’t miss on any?surprises the company will give out.

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