Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Update: Single Round Fights, Fight Money Rewards, And More Revealed

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Despite having great graphics and a fun combat system, Street Fighter 5 has gotten a mixed reception with fans and critics alike, due to the lack of single-player content. It looks like that is about to change, as Capcom has detailed the new Street Fighter 5 Story Mode expansion that will be coming to the game later this month, along with Ibuki, the game?s latest DLC character.

Capcom has dubbed the story ?A Shadow Falls? and will take place between the events of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike and Street Fighter 4. The story will have five chapters and will supposedly be four hours long, which is a huge improvement over the story mode of the game during launch.

Fans hoping for two round fights will be disappointed, as Polygon pointed out that each fight of the new story mode will only last one round. To make the mode much more interesting, players will get to use a bunch of different characters during the story expansion. ?Instead, Street Fighter 5 takes you through various characters as the story bounces from thread to thread?,? Polygon wrote.

Interestingly enough, unreleased DLC characters will also be playable during the mode. Along with Alex, Guile and Ibuki, players will also be able to use Balrog, Urien and Juri for the first time ever in the Street Fighter 5 Story Mode. This should be a decent teaser for the characters, who will hopefully be fun to use outside of the new story expansion.

Playing through the story expansion will net the player a lot of in-game currency. Beating it once will give players 30,000 fight money, while beating it in Extra mode ? which is unlocked after playing through the story in normal mode ? will give them an extra 50,000 fight money.

Unfortunately this will come with a price, as Capcom has announced that the free trial period for Alex and Guile will end this June. Players will have to earn the DLC characters with Fight Money or use real-life money to buy them and the rest of the DLC characters via the season pass.

Thankfully, Capcom will also be scrapping the Zeny system in June. Zeny was a special in-game currency that was harder to earn than the standard fight money earned in fights, so it?s good to see the company fix things with the in-game store. Everything will now be purchasable with Fight Money, which is definitely a huge improvement.

As usual, more content was teased, including two new single-player modes: Versus CPU and Extra Battle. These two should make the game more replayable, though a proper Arcade Mode would be appreciated.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on the PS4 and Windows PC. The story expansion will be free to download by the end of the month, while Ibuki and the rest of the DLC characters can be purchased with in-game currency or actual money.

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