Street Fighter 5 Story Mode Too Easy? Watch A Six Month-Old Baby Single-Handedly Finish The Game

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Street Fighter 5 Story Mode

Street Fighter 5?s current story mode is apparently easy. This was proven in Papapaint?s video of a baby beating Birdie?s story mode just by mashing random buttons.?

In the video, we can see the baby playing Street Fighter 5?s Birdie well against the CPU opponents in the story mode. We can see more idle character stare-offs due to the baby?s incomprehension of the fighting game as well as the locked AI difficulty in the Street Fighter 5 Story Mode. Just by mashing buttons off the arcade stick, the baby finished all three battles of Birdie?s story.

As for the special and EX moves, the baby was able to pull off a lot of Birdie?s Bull Horn special attacks due to the ?hold and release? execution of a single attack button. Bull Horn?s execution is literally just a hold an attack button and release, but it still has variants such as the Light, Medium and Hard attacks. The EX version of Bull Horn is executed with two buttons held and released, and the baby was able to do such by keeping at least two buttons pressed with an open palm.

For Capcom, this could prove as a compliment to the game?s difficulty and an insult to the AI difficulty of the story mode of Street Fighter 5.

What can be considered a good thing about it is that even a baby could play and defeat characters in Street Fighter 5. The level for character knowledge is at its lowest point if players pick Birdie and use Bull Horn against every AI enemy. However, the Street Fighter 5 story mode?s AI is set so low that the opponent chooses to stay in front of the player and not keep its guard up throughout the whole match.

In defense though, the more difficult AI characters are on Survival mode of the game. It?s possible that we?ll get harder-to-defeat AI enemies in the Street Fighter 5 story with the game updates coming this June. After all, canonically, it won?t feel right if M. Bison doesn?t put up a difficult fight or at least frustrate players in the game.

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