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Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Characters: Helen, Azam, And More?

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Ever since the Akuma reveal, fans have been excited for Street Fighter 5 season 2 characters. What really made everyone curious was the fact that the term ?all-new characters? was used. This has fans wondering if Akuma will be the only familiar face in the fighting game’s second season pass. Either way, it captured the attention of fans everywhere.

Rumor has it that characters from the Shadow Falls DLC could be part of this season pass. This would make sense since a number of the characters had their own unique moves. Fighters like Helen, Ed and Azam would be worthy additions to the series.

All-New All-Different Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Characters

Since Capcom used ?all new,? one has to assume that these characters won’t be from previous games. While the prospect excites some, it also worries others since the game could use more familiar fighters from the franchise. Notable omissions include Sakura and Dan Hibiki, among others, which is a shame.

However, there is plenty of appeal in having completely new characters. Veterans will have to get used to new moves and attack openings. If anything, new characters add plenty of variety to the title, which is needed in a fighting game. Having additional colors and costumes would also be neat.

Season 3?

There are supposedly plans to support the game until 2020. With that in mind, it’s doubtful that the Street Fighter 5 season 2 characters will be the last. While we might not get any familiar characters in season 2, that could always change in future seasons.

Street Fighter has always had a pretty colorful roster, but it’s time to add some fresh faces. The fifth entry of the series has been a bit stale for some, due to the lack of single-player content. While the Shadows Fall DLC and VS CPU modes helped, it might not be enough. Comparing the amount of modes here to something like King of Fighters 14 is actually kind of sad.

The first of the six?Street Fighter 5 season 2 characters will be available on December 20. Akuma will be the first character available, while the others will be released in 2017. ?

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