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Street Fighter 5 Season 2: Capcom Explains Why You Need To Buy The New Season Pass

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Street Fighter 5 Season 2

Recently, Capcom?s Matt Dahlgren spoke in an interview that Street Fighter 5 will still keep character updates and balance adjustments for free in the future. Capcom is still running a service-based platform on Street Fighter 5 Season 2 and may not change soon. Here?s why you should consider buying Street Fighter 5 Season 2 season pass and any other season pass for this game.

No More Versions

In history, the Street Fighter series is known to sell major updates as a separate game. Players ?will have to buy it again if they want to play Street Fighter in its latest version. Sometimes, it even discouraged some fans from buying as there could be the updated version coming if they bought it late.

However, this doesn?t happen anymore as of Street Fighter 5 as Capcom announced before its release. Capcom will just keep on updating Street Fighter 5 for its major updates and new characters. Players can also buy the game?s new content through the in-game Fight Money which makes updates slightly free. According to Dahlgren in Eventhubs? interview, Street Fighter 5 will still continue to be free even after its first year. For now, Capcom shows no sign of changing their mind into shifting back to older practices

Season Passes

Due to most of Street Fighter 5?s content being free, it?s possible that Capcom may not earn a lot of money from the game. If the game doesn?t earn enough for the company, it may give fewer reasons for the company to continue the Street Fighter series. The game?s Season Passes for its characters and other content allows players to immediately receive the new content without needing Fight Money for it. Currently, there are two Season Passes: one for Street Fighter Season 2 and Season 1, which stillcosts affordable to but both but near the regular retail game if planning to get all the characters easily.

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Supporting the game

In the long run, Street Fighter 5 may lose its popularity even as an eSport. If players want to keep the Street Fighter 5 game afloat, they may support it through buying Season Passes and encouraging other players to buy the game. However, Capcom isn?t faultless in selling expensive DLC as the CPT Premier Package released last July cost a lot for a set of world tournament related costumes and a one stage. Just feel free to support Street Fighter 5 through buying some of its transactions to help it out financially. Additionally, skip out if you feel like if a DLC package is not worth its price.

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