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Street Fighter 5 Sakura?s Urgent Errand: Where To Find Sakura?

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Capcom?s recent major update for Street Fighter 5 this September has brought new Challenge Missions that rewards players with a ton of Fight Money. One of the missions, Sakura?s Urgent Errand, tasks players to find the female fighter. Here?s where you can find her.

Street Fighter 5 Challenge Mission: Where To Find Sakura?

There?s no need to grind through the bouts in the Shadow Falls story mode. You also don?t need to engage in any of the online component of the game, but you do need to be connected to the game?s server if you want to accomplish this task.



Simply go to Karin?s story mode. Sakura makes an appearance at the epilogue and you simply need to let the story slides play out to finish?this mission.?Doing this task nets you an easy 5000 Fight Money. Make sure to do this before September 29 ends.

Not The Only Way To Earn Fight Money

These new missions are just one of the new ways you can earn Fight Money easily. Capcom will soon add Daily Challenges. Getting these tasks done are as simple as playing through the game normally. An example of one of the Daily Challenges is performing Ryu?s Hadouken a total of 30 times, and accomplishing this nets you 1000 Fight Money.

Despite the new ways players can earn Fight Money, it?s still going to take a long time if you want to purchase everything available in the game without spending real cash. All five DLC characters alone cost a total of 500,000 Fight Money. A player previously computed how long it will take to purchase all DLC characters by only playing ranked matches, and it’ll probably feel like an eternity for some.

Nonetheless, these?new missions will certainly encourage?the player base to keep go back to the game. Those who look enjoy?ticking off?checklists will certainly enjoy these new features.

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