Street Fighter 5 Ryu Guide: Combo Moves And Tips

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Street Fighter 5 Ryu Guide

Street Fighter 5?s main character Ryu may seem like a simple fighter to play due to his overall usefulness in special attacks and efficient mix of offense and defense, making him a strong pick for beginners. To downplay his strong damage and defense potential, Ryu lacks speed and range. Here are some tips to work around and win with Street Fighter 5 Ryu.

  1. ????Turtle it out, pick up speed later

Let?s face it; Ryu?s Hadoken and Hurricane Kick are predictable, and most enemy?s normal attacks beat Ryu to the punch in terms of speed. Every known fighting game rewards familiarity of a player?s moves with counter hit advantages such as opening a counter hit-only combo path and a more damaging hit than normal.

While you?re still not confident about mastering Ryu?s tricks, keep blocking and countering enemies? moves by either poking your opponent with farthest-reaching normals or a Shoryuken punish, if you?re confident. Move faster and apply the pressure once you?re able to read your opponent?s playstyle correctly. Ryu?s attacks and specials shine better when used to punish enemies? bad moves.

  1. ????Learn how to parry

This is the trickiest to learn as it warrants precise timing. If setting up parries heavily destroys your focus, pick up the habit later. Ryu?s V-Skill, Mind?s Eye, is the old parry system picked up from Street Fighter 3. Parrying effectively negates all the damage from the parried strike and allows Ryu to recover faster than defending with a block.

Mind?s Eye covers both Standing and Crouching attacks, so you don?t need to worry about ?setting up Ryu?s blocking if you can predict or obviously see the attack coming. However, forget about parrying if you don?t see yourself landing a good one as your health will suffer greatly due to the high damage scaling in Street Fighter 5. It is better to block and live than fail a parry and get hurt anyway.

  1. ????Use Ryu?s built-in combinations and unique normals if you don?t know any combo

Stunning an enemy is definitely a great opportunity to maximize damage output even if you have no aces up your sleeve due to inexperience. If all else fails, be at the closest range possible to Ryu and press your Medium Punch, Hard Punch, and Hard Kick to do a combo. This combo is actually listed as Jodan Sanrengeki in the Command List and will definitely help you land a damaging combo if you can?t get the timing on the combos you see on YouTube. You can also?the video below from VesperArcade which shows a number of combos Ryu can do, most of which you can land your critical arts move at the end.?

Get back on the Light Tatsumaki Senpukyaku to Shoryuken links once you get the hang of the controls. Even Gootecks, a known fighting game player in the US, takes note of Jodan Sanrengeki?s existence in his post on Reddit. Use it moderately.

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