Street Fighter 5 Patch 1.06 Now On PS4

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Street Fighter 5 Beta postponed

Streetfighter 5 Patch 1.06?is now available on the PS4 platform. The patch?s most significant feature, is the inclusion of the character of Urien in the game. Players who wish to download game should also prepare for the hefty 7.187GB the patch needs.

During its initial launch, the game went offline to properly fit in the Streetfighter 5 Patch 1.06. It wasn?t long before it went online and available for players to see the effect of the new patch. The new patch contain several features for Street fighter 5.??

Features?aside from Urien include:

  • New stage KOs added to the game.
  • Daily challenges to earn more Fight Money.
  • Several bug fixes
  • Versus CPU mode added

The versus CPU mode of the game by far, has been the only thing that players can turn to and hone their skills before going online. Certainly, the new feature is noticeably absent when the game was launched in February. Using your own Fight Money, players can also purchase color options in Street Fighter 5 characters. Also, players can visit the PSN and Steam stores for more details on this feature. For a complete and detailed information about the Streetfighter 5 Patch 1.06, you can visit the Capcom Community.

In July, Street Fighter 5 Patch 1.04 did not include the story mode of the game. Some spoilers then revealed how to get the story mode of the game. The size of the file was equally hefty, with the Story Mode occupying at least 8GB in storage. Also, Street Fighter 5 Patch 1.04 introduced characters like Balrog and Ibuki. Several others were also made available for purchase, but were not playable until late this year.

Alex, Street Fighter 5 DLC

The Street Fighter 5 Server twitter page then posted how to get the story mode as well as a warning on downloading the Balrog character.

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