Street Fighter 5 March Update: Versus CPU Mode and More Single-Player Content Coming

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Details for the highly anticipated Street Fighter 5 March update will be coming later this week. Capcom will detail the single-player challenge modes that players will be able to complete for in-game money, as well as the penalty for rage quitters during online play and upcoming DLC character Alex.

Capcom has addressed the rage-quit problems that some players have been facing. Those sore losers will have their League Points and rank decreased significantly if they rage quit during a match. Those who have connection issues and have accidentally been disconnected from the game will not face any punishment.

An interview with Uproxx has also revealed that the company has been working on new Street Fighter 5 single-player content. While no official arcade mode has been announced, Capcom did unveil that the game will have two different types of challenge modes this month. This is interesting news since players only expected one.

The interview also revealed that Capcom would be adding a Versus CPU mode in the near future. This might not be exciting as an actual arcade mode, but it is a start if anything else. The company is supposedly working on more Street Fighter 5 single-player content, so fans shouldn?t stop hoping for a proper arcade mode.

It will be interesting to see what else is added for offline players. Hopefully, the developers have something cool up their sleeve, since Street Fighter 5 still feels more like a demo than anything else.

Meanwhile, Alex will also be part of the Street Fighter 5 March update. The Street Fighter: 3rd Strike character will be the first DLC character for the game and can be purchased with real or in-game money.

No official release date for the Street Fighter 5 March update has been revealed, though it will be out this month. Fans can expect the release date during the big announcement later this week.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and PC. A US$29.99 season pass is available for those who want the first six DLC characters.

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