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Street Fighter 5 March Update Release: Capcom Announces Details On Alex DLC

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Last week Capcom said they were planning a major announcement regarding the Street Fighter 5 March update, including information on the game?s first DLC character Alex. A week later and the company has kept its promise, as plenty of information on the upcoming March update has been revealed.

Alex was apparently one of the most requested fighters from fans, so they will be happy to know that the blond brute is still a grappling machine. The fighter has a wide array of skills that would make any WWE superstar jealous, including a very useful PowerBomb as his basic command grab.

Like the other characters in Street Fighter 5, Alex has a V-Skill and V-Trigger, as confirmed by the Capcom Unity Blog. His V-Skill is a powerful attack that can be charged. If it successfully charges and hits the opposing fighter, it becomes a hard hit, and the opponent takes the move like a counter attack. If it?s blocked, he loses the hard hit bonus.

Once his V-Trigger is fully charged, Alex can unleash a powerful clothesline. The clothesline itself is a chargeable move that can parry most attacks while in its charging state. Once fully charged, the move can do a lot of damage and even break the opponent?s guard, leaving them open to a bevy of attacks.

Aside from that, the March update will also add Challenge Mode to the fighting game. There are four levels of challengers to complete, with beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials, along with character tutorials that can help players master their favorite.

Combo trials will also be part of Challenge Mode, which is where a lot of players are going to master their craft. Completing these trials will also earn players fight money so that they can unlock costumes and future DLC characters.

The only thing not announced was the update?s release date, which will apparently be later this month. Either way, it seems like Street Fighter 5 will be worth playing again.

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