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Street Fighter 5 Leak: Update To Add New Cinematic Story And Extra Battle Mode

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street fighter 5 leak
Extra Battle Mode might finally come out. [Image from Steam]

A recent Street Fighter 5 leak has made rounds in the Internet, and it could make many fans very happy. If the leak is to be believed, the game will be getting a second cinematic story and Extra Battle mode. Capcom gave vague hints about Extra Battle before, but seemingly dropped it after focusing on the second DLC character pass.

The leak came from a Portuguese data miner, whose leak was later translated by some NeoGAF members curious about it. Fans are hoping this leak is true, since it will bring back some interest in the Capcom fighting game. While it might not bring back those that were burned by it before, fans willing to give it a second chance should.

Leak Notes

Here are some of the general notes from the Street Fighter 5 leak, since plenty of stuff might be coming. While Capcom hasn’t stated this to be true, fans are hoping for some announcement to happen during this year’s E3. Since the game is only on PS4 and PC, it could happen during the Sony Conference of the June event.

  • Extra Battle Mode
  • Dojo Mode (Possible online training?)
  • General Story Vol. 2 (Cinematic Story similar to Shadows Fall)
  • CFN Update
  • Season 2 Balance Patch
  • The ability to save Training Configurations
  • Ed (The Next DLC Fighter)
  • Temple Hideout Stage (Classic Bison Stage)
  • Flowers Inn Tavern Stage (Classic Vega Stage)
  • Trials Vol. 2
  • Demonstrations Vol. 2
  • Additional Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Targets

Extra Battle Mode = Arcade Mode?

One of the common faults of the game are the lack of single-player modes, outside of Story and Survivor. Fans have been hoping for an Arcade mode somewhere down the line, but that doesn’t seem likely anymore. The Extra Battle mode would let players take on special NPCs, like Shadaloo Soldiers and the Dolls from Shadows Fall.

Adding a second cinematic story after Shadows Fall is an interesting move, since the first one was free DLC. Only time will tell if the second is also free, but it would be great if that were the case. In the meantime, it’s just nice to see the game get more single-player content after focusing more on multiplayer.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on the PS4 and Windows PC, along with the first six DLC characters. Akuma and Kolin are available now as part of the second character pass, with Ed coming to the game very soon.

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