Street Fighter 5 July Update: Bikini DLCs After Cinematic Expansion Releases?

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Street Fighter 5 July Update

Recently, the Kanzuki Private Beach stage was confirmed for the Street Fighter 5 July update, and a pin-up book of the game?s female cast is going to be released soon. Street Fighter 5 may have been slow in delivering its promised updates, but Capcom might still have summer-themed surprises in the form of the playable cast?s bikini costumes. When will the fans receive these timely Bikini DLCs?

According to Eventhubs, the Kanzuki Private Beach stage will be included in the upcoming update and will feature characters in swimsuits. Karin is featured in her bikini attire doing her Critical Art to Laura on the said beach. Meanwhile, other characters wearing swimsuits are seen in the background, and they could possibly be Juri, Chun-Li, and Cammy. Perhaps this is a hint from Capcom that there will be swimsuit costumes in the Street Fighter 5 July update.

Additionally, Cogconnected reported about an upcoming Street Fighter 5 pin-up book with most of the game?s female cast. The Street Fighter Swimsuit Special #1 will have illustrations of the Street Fighter 5 women from various artists, including Street Fighter 5?s UDON. The book will arrive in September, but the DLC content may arrive earlier than the pin-up book. However, it might still be a viable resource for the next round of swimsuit DLCs of Street Fighter 5.

The Street Fighter 5 July update will include Balrog, May update?s Ibuki, and the Cinematic Expansion promised last June. The Cinematic Expansion is expected to expand the game?s plot and branch out each character?s story, in addition to the initial and shorter Story Mode. Players will also gain Fight Money in traversing the game?s extended story mode if they opt to disregard the game?s story and enjoy the fighting game.

As mentioned, Capcom will release the boxer character Balrog and agile ninja Ibuki along with the Cinematic Expansion update. After these content from the Street Fighter 5 July update launches, Juri and Urien?s character releases are coming up.

Capcom may have a swimsuit DLC added to this update or the next one to celebrate the season with players. It?s also timely for them to introduce a new playable stage that is not a character-themed area. We?ll have to wait if Capcom will beat the heat with the bikini DLC announcement which may happen in the EVO Championship Series 2016 on July 15 to July 17.

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