Street Fighter 5 Game Modes: All 6 Match Types Detailed in New Trailer, Capcom to Introduce More via Updates

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?Street Fighter 5? will be coming out later this month, and Capcom has decided to capitalize on that by releasing a new trailer detailing the number of game modes it will be having. The trailer showcases a number of modes that are both new and familiar to ?Street Fighter? fans, which should add to their excitement.

Those new to the ?Street Fighter? video games will be happy to know that ?Street Fighter 5? will come with a tutorial mode. As seen in the trailer, players will control a younger version of Ryu as he spars with Ken and learns the essential moves of the game.

What?s worth nothing about the tutorial mode are the costumes that Ryu and Ken are wearing, which come from the ?Street Fighter Alpha? series, according to Cinema Blend. It will be interesting to see if these costumes become unlockable, especially since many fans have stated that Ken looks ?weird? with his new look.

Story mode is the main single-player experience of the game. According to the trailer, players will be able to use all 16 characters in this mode, so there will be plenty of variety. Completing a character?s story mode will unlock costumes for players to purchase in the game?s store, with either real money or in-game currency.

Capcom also told IGN that there would be more content added to the story post-launch. The extra story content will come sometime in June via a free update, though no specific release date was mentioned.

Fighting game fans who want a real challenge will be happy to know that Survival mode will be returning to the series. Like in other fighting games, players will face a number of tough foes until their health reaches zero or until they reach the boss. Alternate colors for all of the characters can also be unlocked by clearing the mode.

Practice mode is self-explanatory, as players will be able to practice their moves and combos here. PS4 owners can use the touchpad for shortcut commands, like putting a character in a particular position to practice a certain combo.

Network Battle is where players can take on other online users for much stronger competition. There will be ranked matches for those who want to be the best and casual matches for those who just want to have fun playing with others.

Last is the Capcom Fighters Network, which allows players to watch replays of their fights and look for their opponents. It?s essentially an online lobby for fans of the game.

?Street Fighter V? will be on sale on Feb. 16 for the PS4 and PC. Capcom has confirmed new game modes, and content will come to the game for free sometime after the game?s launch.

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