Street Fighter 5 E3 2016: Cinematic Story Mode Showcased, New Balrog Gameplay

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Street Fighter 5

Recently, Capcom showcased Street Fighter 5 at E3 2016 and featured the Cinematic Story Mode and Ibuki matches with Combofiend and Mike Ross. The Cinematic Story Mode will not only introduce a three-to-four-hour story mode experience, but will also have playable future DLC characters after Ibuki, despite her not being released yet. Additionally, Balrog the Boxer was slightly showcased in Capcom?s Street Fighter 5 E3 2016 show.

According to Capcom Unity, the event last June 15 promised to show the Cinematic Story mode and some Ibuki exhibition matches, but fans got another surprise coming for them. Eventhubs reports that Combofiend and Mike Ross played around with the Story Mode Balrog and beat up a generic Shadaloo goon. Balrog had his quick power punches, but it?s still unclear if he?ll have a similar playstyle with his older versions. You can watch the stream of the reveal here.?

Ibuki will be the next DLC character to be released along with the Cinematic Story Mode this June. Meanwhile, the Street Fighter 5 producer announced at a South Korean event that Juri is the next character after Ibuki. August will be the earliest month that Balrog will be released, if Urien doesn?t take his spot.

Capcom Unity confirmed that the Cinematic Story Expansion will be called ?A Shadow Falls.? Instead of having a martials arts tournament, the protagonists Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li must prevent M.Bison?s plan to ?envelop the earth in total darkness? with his Seven ?Black Moons.? It?s said that the protagonists will meet the other characters along the way, and even the unreleased DLC characters will be playable. This is perfect for players aiming to get familiar with the new character?s tools, but they may be overpowered and unbalanced as Capcom didn?t announce any definite data about their Street Fighter 5 versions. Lastly, players can also earn Fight Money when completing the Cinematic Story Mode.

This Street Fighter 5 June update may be strong enough to generate interest for the game again and help it recover from its problematic start last February. Additionally, Capcom usually has last-minute announcements and content updates, as evident in these past few months, so it?ll be a good idea for them to make it up to their fans. Due to the inclusion of the unreleased DLC characters in the Cinematic Story Mode, fans may worry less about them, and there may even be a chance for earlier DLC releases in the coming months.

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