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Street Fighter 5 DLC: Urien Confirmed For September Update

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Street Fighter 5 is going to get a massive new update in September, adding the VS CPU option that many fans have been waiting for. There is also a new ban update coming out this month for those who rage quit during online matches. It seems like fans of the game will finally get their money’s worth with the fighting game, especially since the new Street Fighter DLC character Urien could be added as well.

Fans got their first taste of Urien in the recent Shadow Falls DLC. He was playable for one fight where he took on Charlie Nash. Through that fight, players were able to try out his moveset for a bit, though some would have preferred it if he were playable in other fights. Overall, he should be a nice addition to the game since no one will complain about more characters.

There was a small issue as some fans thought Urien would be released this month as Street Fighter 5 DLC character, but that wasn’t the case. Capcom may have confused fans when they discussed the upcoming Street Fighter 5 update, but they have cleared it up with Event Hubs, stating that Urien would be the DLC character in September and not August.

Urien joins Juri, Balrog, Ibuki, Guile and Alex. In fact, Urien is technically the last DLC character of the game. It’s not yet known if the developers in Capcom will add more characters like Sakura, Dan or some of Bison’s minions from the Shadow Falls campaign. The minions actually had some interesting moves and weren’t clones of any character, so fans would like to see them make an appearance as DLC fighters.

While seeing Urien join the roster is great news, it will be interesting to see how fans react to VS CPU. Fans have been demanding an Arcade Mode for quite some time, and it seems like this new mode might not be enough, though it could also be a sample for things to come. Either way, the future for the once troubled fighter is starting to look up.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and PC. There are currently no plans to bring the game to Xbox One just yet. The Urien Street Fighter 5 DLC will be available in September.

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