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Street Fighter 5 DLC: Possible Characters Hinted In Shadows Fall

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Street Fighter 5

It took five long months, but Capcom has finally released the Shadow Falls DLC for Street Fighter 5. While the story was far from great, being able to use some of the Street Fighter 5 DLC characters like Balrog and Juri was a neat bonus, though the biggest point of interest was the filler fights against characters that could make it to the game in the future.

Admittedly, the fights do feel like a filler anime episode, but the fact that they use completely new characters make it that much more interesting. The characters that warrant a download are the various ?dolls? that Bison and his minions use to take on the beloved cast.

One character who will likely join the roster is Decapre, the sister of Cammy. She makes several appearances throughout the Shadows Fall DLC story and ? spoiler alert ? even turns to the side of good in the end. Decapre was already a DLC character in Street Fighter 4, so seeing her here wouldn?t be that much of a surprise.

Some of the other dolls could also be playable characters since they all have unique moves that fighting game fans would enjoy. Despite their similar costumes, each character fights differently, which makes the Street Fighter 5 DLC interesting despite all of its storytelling faults.

The Dolls could be DLC

Dolls who should be given priority focus as DLC are Santamu and Sasuke. Both characters have different weapons that make for some interesting combo variations. Santamu also has a pet monkey that keeps her company, which should instantly make her a playable character.

Abel from Street Fighter 4 also makes an appearance, though he is never fought against in the game. While this lowers his chances of being a Street Fighter 5 DLC character, he was somewhat prominent throughout the story, and it would be nice to see the French brawler join the roster. He was a good character in Street Fighter 4 and would be a good one in this game as well.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and Windows PC. The Shadow Falls DLC is available now and is a free download on PSN and Steam.

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