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Street Fighter 5 DLC: Possibly More Shadow Falls Characters Coming After Kolin’s Confirmation

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It seems like the characters from the Shadow Falls campaign will be Street Fighter 5 DLC after all. After Akuma was announced, no one was sure who would be the next DLC fighter for the second character pass. Now we know it’s Kolin, who was a prominent part of the Shadow Falls campaign, that’s seemingly in cahoots with Urien.

With Kolin’s confirmation, it seems like more characters from the Shadow Falls campaign could become playable soon. Players might groan about this since they’d rather see characters like Sakura or Dan as DLC characters. Still, some of the characters in Shadow Falls had unique fighting styles and they might be fun to use.

Who’s In Shadow Falls?

One character from the campaign who could easily become Street Fighter 5 DLC is Decapre, who played a big role. Cammy’s sister was controlled by Bison throughout most of the campaign and the player actually fought her a few times. If Kolin can make it in the game, there’s no doubt that Decapre can as well.

Some of Bison’s minions — whom he calls Dolls — could also be playable since some of them have unique moves. Of all the dolls, two should be given priority as DLC characters: Santamu and Sasuke. Both characters have weapons that help them stand out from the rest of the fighters while also sporting interesting designs.

Lastly, we have Abel who isn’t playable in the campaign but was a fan favorite in Street Fighter 4. His cool moves and fun character design would be welcome as Street Fighter 5 DLC since there are fans who miss using him. Plus, he’s French, so that adds more diversity to a game that has a ton of it already.

Shadow Fails?

While a number of the characters in the campaign have unique moves, it seems like Decapre and Abel are the likeliest candidates for DLC. The former was a downloadable fighter in Street Fighter 4 and the latter is already a fan favorite. Of course, we can’t be sure who or what will be DLC until Capcom announces it in their blog, so the final season 2 characters remain a mystery.

For now, Akuma and Kolin are the first two confirmed characters for the second pass. Akuma has some really unique moves in the game, so he no longer feels like a Ryu/Ken clone with a shadow dash. Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and Windows PC.

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