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Street Fighter 5 DLC: Blanka Reveal At PlayStation Experience 2016? Akuma Is Free? [Rumor]

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After a rocky introduction of Street Fighter 5 in February, the producer of the game Yoshinori Ono, is cooking up something to spice-up interest in the game. Could this be a sign of new unannounced?Street Fighter 5 DLC in the works?

Fight Money Not Needed For Akuma?

When everything has been said and done, there is no other way than to make up for their blunder. Now Ono teased on?Twitter?that?he will reveal something for sure at Capcom Cup. This could probably be a free Street Fighter 5 DLC that the team will be giving to compensate for the recent slip-up.

He further stated that the reveal will be announced during the Capcom Cup finals. With this, fans are hoping that Blanka will get released soon. Another thing fans are hoping for is that the famous Akuma will become a free Street Fighter 5 DLC character.

It’s possible that Akuma was planned to be a purchasable Street Fighter 5 DLC character, and this decision might have been changed to?capture more interested gamers. While it’s just a single character, Akuma is pretty popular and it might encourage more players to purchase the game.

Blanka Is Back?

As for Blanka being added in the character roster, there is a bit of a tip that Ono might be giving us on his posts. Either it be on his Twitter account or other events that he goes to, he always brings his Blanka action figure (or surround himself with Blanka merchandise). Knowing Ono’s style, he does this to drop hints for the next character reveal. So do not cross out the Brazilian beast just yet.

It will be a plus factor if the DLC release would be in sync with the game’s?second season. Plus the addition of a new “retro” character like Blanka will definitely be a huge advantage for Street Fighter 5. For now, let us see what Ono?s next move would be.

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