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Street Fighter 5 Content Obtainable In New Monster Hunter Game

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Crossovers, collaboration, tie-up. You can call it whatever you want, but once two legendary games are combined, it can only bring pure joy to their players. Finally, Street Fighter 5 has teamed up with yet another well-known game.

Street Fighter has been a worldwide success since it first landed in Arcades?way back in 1987. Now the game has its most recent version with?Street Fighter 5. The game alone can stand on its own due to its massive fan base and awesome gameplay. But what if it cross overs to yet another famous game franchise?

The two majorly diverse worlds of Street Fighter and Monster Hunter will finally come together to give us a new breed of entertainment. This was all verified by none other than Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano.

Sadly, this is not the expected Street Fighter 5 update we were hoping for, but rather, a new app game that has the Monster Hunter feel in it but with a Street Fighter mix. This is still good news if you come to think about it.

So we can cross out the possibility that there would be a new DLC for Street Fighter 5 aside from “Akuma. This leaves us with the fact that a new game will be in the process, and this will be the hybrid of Monster Hunter and Street Fighter 5.

Monster Hunter Explorer

?Monster Hunter Explorer? will be the byproduct of this crossover. It is a mobile game that allows the players to use skins accessories based on Street Fighter 5?s famed characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Rashid and Karin. The monsters will also be based on the likes of Dhalsim, Event Hubs reported.

The game was formerly known as ?Monster Hunter Smart,? and the gameplay will be similar to Monster Hunter. Here you get to hunt monsters and collect infinite treasures to become the best hunter there is. Players can look forward to a weapon known as “Psycho Power hands” to defeat the monsters.

Hunters wearing Street Fighter 5 accessories is a must-see to anyone who has been with these games since day one. With those two combined, all we are waiting for is its release day.

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