Street Fighter 5 Characters Update: New Oddball Fighter Included In Roster

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The final character announcement for Street Fighter V was made at the PlayStation Experience and here are the details.

During the reveal, an all-new character named F.A.N.G. was introduced as the newest fighter of the game, claiming himself as the second-in-command of Shadaloo. He has a unique fighting style, where he can poison enemies which depletes the opponent?s life bar until the poison wears out or if F.A.N.G. gets hit. He has a ton of tricky attacks from, long range to poison attacks and even slippery moves that will frustrate any players. F.A.N.G. has a V-skill called Nishodoku where he fires a slow moving projectile that can damage opponents over time when hits, and his V-Trigger called Dokunomu where he will emits poison gas around his body and opponents will take damage if made contact. If F.A.N.G. is played by a veteran, he can be one unstoppable force. With the announcement of F.A.N.G., this now completes the 16 character roster of Street Fighter V.

Aside from the last character reveal, Capcom also revealed the six upcoming characters as its first wave of DLC characters, they are Alex, Urien and Ibuki from Street Fighter III, Juri from Street Fighter IV, and Guile and Balrog from Street Fighter II. You can avail them by purchasing a season pass which is available today, or you can unlock them by earning fight points in-game to purchase them.

During the Capcom Cup 2015, Capcom has unveiled the opening cinematic of Street Fighter V, Capcom Cup 2015 also marks the final tournament highlight for Ultra Street Fighter IV, which will be replaced by Street Fighter V by next year for Capcom Cup 2016 where the prize pool for the tournament will now jump to $500,000 and grand finals will be held on Atlanta, Georgia.

Expect to see Street Fighter V at your favorite game retails and as a digital game on February 16 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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