Street Fighter 5 Characters Update: Karin Returns, New Powers Explained!

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The announcement of new characters isn?t over yet, as Capcom revealed another trailer for Street Fighter V.

A few days ago at the Tokyo Game Show 2015, Capcom unveiled a new character to reveal the latest slot on the character roster of Street Fighter V. The 12th character for the game is none other than Karin from the Street Fighter series. Complete with her expensive outfit and rich girl attitude, she will be using her unique Kanzuki style of martial arts, and as usual a rival with Street Fighter regular Sakura. She may have some changes on her appearance, but she is still the same Karin from Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Karin will be a well-rounded fighter, with different range of attacks that is suitable for any situation, she has a new dash move that can help her get closer on her opponents for a high or low attacks. And once your opponent thinks they know your pressure moves, Karin?s V-Trigger ability letting her to more quick and devastating attacks with her Guren Ken multi-string attacks. Her V-Skill lets her unleash the Meioken attack which lets her pull out a powerful palm strike that dissipates projectiles which can knock down any opponents, the attack can be charge for a split-second for a much powerful blow. Her Kanzuki-Ryu Guren No Kata V-Trigger will let Karin unlock her powerful Guren Ken which can perform different attack follow up, giving players in controls on what attack can be landed to lessen the prediction of countering her attacks. There are still more characters to be revealed for Street Fighter V, as the next one will be announced soon.

Karin was playable at the Tokyo Game Show where the attendees can try her out, Street Fighter V will be available next year for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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