Street Fighter 5 Character Updates: Rashid Gets In The Ring To Fight!

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There were teasers for the newest character for Street Fighter V, and finally a new trailer has officially revealed Rashid.

Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono was previously teasing about a new character for the past few days with the usual partial screenshots of the character art of any upcoming characters for Street Fighter V. But there was a series of leaks from a certain convention called Games ?15 in Dubai, United Arabe Emirates where Ono was on stage and revealed the newest character to the attendees of the said event. And what is the best place to announce an Arab character than announcing it right in an Arab country, you can check out the footage of the event where Ono-san revealed Rashid.

Rashid is an Arab character for Street fighter V where he is dubbed as the ?Turbulent Wind? as he uses the power of the wind to bring havoc to his opponents. Judging from his moves and style, he is somewhat similar that from El Fuerte for having spin attacks and even Vega with the wall clinging attacks, but it is still hard to say at the moment. Hopefully Capcom could fill us in with more details for Rashid, in the meantime, here is the official trailer for Rashid?s character reveal.

Street Fighter V was not the only fighting game that are now featuring different countries for the current releases, a few months ago, Bandai Namco revealed their own Arab character by the name of Shaheen for Tekken 7 and most feedbacks from the Tekken community as well as the Arab gamers were very positive. Hopefully more characters from different countries that were not featured in previous fighting games would soon be getting their own spotlight as the fighting game community continues to grow.

No exact details for the release of Street Fighter V but expect for it to arrive next year on the PlayStation 4 and PC.


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