Street Fighter 5 August Update: New DLC Character, Daily Challenges, And New Features You Can Expect This Month

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Street Fighter 5 August Update

Street Fighter 5 is nearing on getting all of its promised DLC content. DLC character Urien and Daily Challenges are yet to have their release dates locked down for the game. Here are new features you can expect from the Street Fighter 5 August update.


The last DLC character promised in the Season Pass, Urien, is the next one to be implemented in the game. While he is playable in the game?s Cinematic Story Mode, a balanced and competitive build of Urien is yet to be seen in the game. Perhaps Capcom is still finalizing the balance changes on Urien before they finally release him in the game. Due to the extra development time after his appearance in the Story mode, Urien may have new tricks in the upcoming game if he gets released in the Street Fighter 5 August update.

Daily Challenges

Previously, Street Fighter 5 players were promised a mission system that updates daily for players to earn Fight Money faster. Completing a Daily Challenge will reward a player with more spending cash to buy cosmetics and even snag one DLC character for free. However, this system is yet to be confirmed in the game, though it was mentioned in the game?s updates last February. If it?s implemented, players can take a breather from continuously fighting online to earn a small amount of Fight Money to buy items from the in-game store.

After the Daily Challenges and Urien?s release, Capcom has yet to announce the next set of DLC to arrive in the game. The conclusion of the Street Fighter 5 tournament in Evo 2016 last June graced the players with the ?Capcom Pro Tour? DLC. This DLC contains the Evo 2016 map and new costumes. It has to be paid separately from the DLC covered by the Street Fighter 5 Season Pass.

However, the Capcom Pro Tour DLC costs $24.99 which may seem expensive for regular fans and casual players. According to Shoryuken, the proceeds of this Capcom Pro Tour DLC will be used to fund the 2016 and 2016 Capcom Pro Tour events. For now, players can opt to monitor Capcom Pro Tour events and other gaming-related events this month to see if Capcom will announce any info about the Street Fighter 5 August update or the release dates for Urien, Daily Challenges mode, and the next set of DLC characters in the game.

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