Street Fighter 5 August Update: Capcom To Showcase Next DLC At Evo 2016

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As observed in Capcom?s previous Street Fighter 5 announcements, the company often reveals major game updates in large video gaming events, conventions, and fighting game tournaments. Evolution Championship Series 2016 or Evo 2016 is one of the upcoming major international fighting game tournaments, which will take place on July 15 to July 17. Capcom has already confirmed their appearance on the upcoming tournament, where they will announce the game?s updates and the Capcom Pro Tour. Will they have an early announcement of the next DLC release date on their appearance too?

According to Capcom Unity, there will be a Street Fighter 5 panel on the first day of EVO 2016, July 15, at 10 AM. The company will announce new info and updates on the game at the event. Capcom?s panel will include Street Fighter 5 August updates, developer talks, a Capcom Pro Tour ?discussion, and a Q&A session about the game. If you?re attending the fighting game tournament, make sure to drop by this event so you?ll get the information firsthand.

The Street Fighter 5 July update was huge as the Cinematic Story Mode update and playable characters such as Ibuki and Balrog were released. The new Story Mode update didn?t only fill the lacking story mode of the game but also provided early playable builds of Juri and Urien. Despite Juri and Urien?s early appearances, they still don?t have a definite release date yet, so Capcom may finally reveal if these characters will make it on their supposed release windows or not.

As far as announced DLC content in in the game goes, Capcom has certainly covered beyond half of their promised content in the game. If Capcom is scheduling another update this month, the August update may at least include either Juri or Urien as they?re the last ones on Capcom?s list. Alternatively, they could discuss their next set of updates for the game after September.

Capcom previously said that the vanilla Street Fighter 5 disc is all the players need in this iteration. Capcom cannot announce a separate version or repackage due to this if they do not want to disappoint their fans and break their trust.

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