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Street Fighter 5 Arcade Mode Update: Mod Creator Adds Game Mode Before Capcom

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Where is the Street Fighter 5 Arcade Mode? That is a question fans have been asking since the game was released last February. One would think that Arcade Mode would be released after the second character pass, but that hasn?t happened.

It seems like one modder has gotten impatient and is making a new Arcade Mode from scratch. While it isn?t available yet, it is nice to know that someone out there wants the mode in the game. Here is hoping that Capcom is listening and is planning to release the highly anticipated mode soon.

Arcade Mod

According to One Angry Gamer, the Street Fighter 5 Arcade Mode mod is being worked on by Resvrgram. Like most fans, he has been disappointed with the newest Street Fighter game since its bare bones release. Capcom has added a new Story Mode and VS CPU Mode since, but the lack of an Arcade Mode still stings.

Despite being a mod, it?s pretty comprehensive and is quite impressive to witness. Like most Arcade Modes, players face a fighter for two rounds before being shown the next fighter. For a makeshift Arcade Mode, it?s pretty great and something Capcom can learn from when making an official version.

Lawyer Fighter 5?

Considering how stingy game companies can be with fan-made games, this mod could get taken down as soon as it?s ready. While it?s natural for a company to do this, the lack of an official Street Fighter 5 Arcade Mode will sadden fans that want it. Yes, Capcom is working on four new fighters for the second Season Pass, but more single-player content is what fans want.

Until the mod is brought down, PC gamers will be able to enjoy it when it eventually comes out. Unfortunately, the mod is still being worked on and isn?t available for download as of this writing. Still, it?s an advantage PC fans have over those with a PS4 and is something Capcom should consider doing.

Despite the lack of a Street Fighter 5 Arcade Mode, the game is far from bad. Visually, the game is lovely and the controls are rock solid. However, when you compare the game’s content to its rival King of Fighters 14, it?s clear that the SNK fighter is superior.

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