Street Fighter 5 April Update: What To Expect This Month From Capcom

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Street Fighter 5 April Update

The recent Street Fighter 5 update completed some of the game?s missing main menu content, namely the in-game shop and Challenges Mode. A new character, Alex, was also introduced in the last few days of March. For now, the Street Fighter 5 April update is yet to be announced, but here are some things you can expect from it.

Character Rebalances and Costumes

With the introduction of a new character, Alex, the meta of Street Fighter 5 may tweak its match-ups. Character rebalances help a competitive eSports game reinvent itself, just like other fighting games and MOBAs out there. The changes that Capcom will implement in the Street Fighter 5 April update is currently unknown. However, Eurogamer has pointed that R. Mika?s strong ?Passion Rope Throw? setups is unbalanced, so it might be nerfed or patched soon. It?s also possible that the previously leaked costumes will be released this April.

The New Character

Currently, Capcom has yet to announce who will be the next DLC character after ?Alex. According to the Season Pass list, Guile is next. Guile has been a staple Charge character throughout the series, and this might be the first time for him to be introduced as DLC. Capcom may have to rework Guile?s moveset, as his existence with Nash might be redundant or similar if left unchanged. However, Capcom has yet to confirm the next character in an official announcement.

The Zenny Shop

To compensate for the Zenny Shop?s delay, Capcom provided Alex for free until the Zenny Shop is released in-game. Despite this bonus, players may keep Alex for an indefinite time period as Capcom hasn?t announced an exact release date yet.

A Possible Late Release?

As the March update was announced late and was released during the last days of the month, it?s possible that the Street Fighter 5 April update may also come out late. However, it?s also possible that Capcom may make up for the late March update by announcing the DLC for this month early. For now, all we can do is wait for Capcom?s announcements.

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