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Street Fighter 5 Update: 2017 Roadmap ‘Will Be Big’, Says Capcom

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Fans have been waiting for a new Street Fighter 5 update ever since Akuma became available as part of the second Season Pass. While Capcom is still taking its time with announcements, their director of licensing did drop an interesting hint. Apparently, 2017 is a big year for the game, though it?s not clear if it will win back angry fans.

Though it hasn?t been revealed yet, this could mean that the game?s roadmap could be even bigger. Fans of the controversial fighting game will remember Capcom?s detailed roadmap for the game?s plans last year. With five new characters, one of whom is Akuma and is available now, one can only imagine how much bigger it will be.

The Year Of Street Fighter?

According to a tweet from John D, the aforementioned director of licensing, 2017 is a huge year for the game. It?s vague, but it also means that a new Street Fighter 5 update could be coming soon. Knowing Capcom, they will likely announce who the four new characters are throughout the year.

We also know that the game?s rage quitting issues have been dealt with, so more online maintenance is expected. Despite the game?s numerous problems, fans have stuck with it, thanks to the online multiplayer. It?s not perfect either, but the game?s fighting mechanics are; hence, the fans still playing.

Still No Arcade Mode?

One thing that could be considered troubling about John D?s tweet is the line ?haters will be left behind.? Given the numerous complaints surrounding the game, like the lack of Arcade Mode, this line could mean that they will not be addressed. Of course, this is all just speculation and the line could just be dismissing those that won?t give the game a chance.

All of that being said, the sooner a Street Fighter 5 update comes the better. It?s clear that Capcom is dedicated to making the game great despite a clunky launch. Considering the amount of fighting games coming out this year, it should be a competitive year for Street Fighter fans.

Street Fighter 5 is available now on PS4 and PC. All of the characters from the first season pass are available now, while the ones from the second pass are still underway.

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