StreamUs Guide: Use YouTube As A Full-Fledged Music Player For Google Chrome

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Looking for a way to easily stream music while working on your desktop Check out Streamus Chrome extension! (Image courtesy of Streamus)

Sure, you can use Spotify or iTunes for streaming and listening to music when you?re on your laptop or desktop. But the huge amount of songs and other content available on YouTube easily surpasses what those music services can offer.

While YouTube already launched its own paid music subscription service called Music Key last year, there?s another tool we can use to transform the popular video streaming service as our own desktop music player. We?re talking about Streamus, the new extension for the Google Chrome browser.

What is Streamus?

Streamus is a third-party Chrome extension that allows us to utilize the power of YouTube and transform it to ?music player we always wanted.? Instead of watching videos, this tool lets us stream all the music we want and save them in our own playlists. It has an app-like interface with Google?s Material Design-ish aesthetics. that offers easy navigation through our saved songs as well as discover new ones that we might like.

As mentioned, this is a Chrome-only extension so when you try to use it while in another browser, it will ask you to launch Google Chrome and download it from there. This service also works even without Music Key subscription.

Streamus YouTube music player screenshot (Image courtesy of Chrome Web Store)

Streamus YouTube music player screenshot (Image courtesy of Chrome Web Store)

Step on how to use Streamus

Here?s how you can start enjoying Streamus:

  • Fire up your Google Chrome browser and head to the service?s website or to the Chrome Web Store to install the extension.
  • If you choose to install it from the website, click on ?Install extension now.?
  • A pop-up window will appear asking for permission to add Streamus on you Chrome account; choose Add.
  • The installation should be complete now. Click on the Streamus icon located on the upper right corner of the Chrome interface (represented by a black and yellow ?S? icon.
  • Select the Search icon to find music you want to listen to.
  • Choose a track and click on the Play button.


Photo Credit: ?Streamus, Chrome Web Store

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