Stream PC Games On Xbox One? ?Its challenging? ? Microsoft

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The release of Windows 10 has allowed owners of Xbox One to stream their games on a PC, enabling desktop users to play any Xbox title they want including acclaimed games such as Gears of War and Halo. But what if it was the other way around? A gamer?s collection of titles could easily be filled with thousands of amazing games that are already available on PC, and Microsoft is attempting to make it possible.

Enabling users to stream PC games on their Xbox is one of the things that Microsoft is planning to do and they are also considering to include keyboard and mouse support so gamers can have the full experience of playing PC games, Xbox Boss?Phil Spencer told The Verge.

?In terms of where we want to go with our platform, those are absolutely in scope of things that we want to do,? Phil Spencer said.

Microsoft would be able to leap above the competition if they can be successful in?their endeavor to stream PC games. With PC game streaming, they may be able to tap existing Steam games towards their platform. They can also easily trump Sony?s game-streaming service called PlayStation now.

Spencer admits that being able to achieve such a feature would be difficult, but he himself is determined to take on the challenge to make it possible. ?It?s actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to the Xbox, but challenge is good,? he said.

This feature however might take a long time to finish because of the difficulty involved. ?There?s no timeline on when this might arrive, but it?s clearly a challenge Microsoft is willing to tackle.

Gamers now want to utilize whatever device they?re currently using and Spencing is aiming to cater to those needs. ?They want to play with their friends and they progress whenever they sit down. Because of that, the roadmap and our focus on what?s going on, Windows is incredibly strong,? he told The Verge.

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