How to Stream Frank Ocean New Album ?Blonde? Online

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Frank Ocean New Album

Frank Ocean?s new album is something countless music fans have been waiting for. Rumors about the album surfaced months before the actual release, which already stated to boost the hype for the rapper?s second studio album. Thankfully, the Frank Ocean new album entitled ?Blonde? finally dropped. Many hip hop fans are asking where exactly can they stream it online.

The latest album from Frank Ocean was initially thought to be entitled ?Boys Don?t Cry?, but the latter ended up becoming the title of the magazine which comes with the album ?Blonde?. There are several big name artists who are featured in the album, such as Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar as well as Andre 3000.

If you want to take a listen to ?Blonde?, the newest Frank Ocean album can be streamed exclusively on Apple Music. The album contains 17 new tracks which is headlined by Frank Ocean?s latest hit ?Nikes?. The music video for ?Nikes? premiered via Apple Music as well.

Frank Ocean first became a household name thanks to his hit song ?Novacane? which was taken from his mixtape entitled ?Nostalgia, Ultra?. Afterwards, he released ?Channel Orange? his first studio album, which gave him several more chart toppers.

Frank Ocean New Album

After ?Channel Orange,? fans were eagerly awaiting for the release of ?Boys Don?t Cry?, which was said to be the title of Ocean?s second studio album. It was earlier reported that the album would be released exclusively on Apple Music on August 5th but the day just came and went without it releasing.

Last week, representatives from Apple?s Live Chat Support disclosed that the album would become available within 72 hours and true enough ?Blonde? was released on August 20th.

?Blonde? is not the only release which was made by Frank Ocean via Apple Music. The rapper likewise released ?Endless? which is his visual album. ?Endless? was released shortly before ?Blonde? so fans of the rapper have to be ecstatic to get so many amazing releases from Frank Ocean over the weekend.

Be sure to list to Frank Ocean?s new album ?Blonde? streaming online here and check back soon to find out more news and updates in the world of music.

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