Assassination Classroom The Movie: Where to Stream English Sub

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Assassination Classroom The Movie

The premiere date of Assassination Classroom The Movie in Japan is on Saturday, November 19. Are there any streaming sites that will upload an English sub version?

Assassination Classroom The Movie: 365 Days will take place seven years after the manga?s final chapter. It is said to be a compilation of scenes from the TV series and the spin-off, Koro-sensei Q!.

The movie will take place a few days before the class reunion. Assassination Classroom is a story about a class and their teacher Koro-sensei. Instead of doing normal school activities like quizzes and homework, they go to school to kill their teacher. The goal is to successfully kill Koro by the end of the year or else, he will destroy the Earth. Did we mention Koro is a tentacled yellow alien with a perpetual smile on its face?

Koro?s powers exceed humans. He is responsible for destroying 70% of the moon, thus giving it a permanent crescent shape. He can also move at the speed of mach-20. Koro-sensei, Class 3-E?s alien teacher, is the only one qualified to teach students how to save the Earth.

To heat up the hype before the premiere date, a new promotional footage has been released. Voice actors Nobuhiko Okamoto (Karma) and Mai Fuchigami (Nagisa) do a commentary on Assassination Classroom The Movie trailer. Watch it here:

For those who can not wait for the movie to be released in your local theaters, wait a few weeks. Surely your favorite anime streaming site will upload an English sub version. As anime lovers abroad can now easily search on where to stream the live action adaptation of Assassination Classroom: Assassination Classroom Movie and Assassination Classroom: Graduation.

Assassination Classroom The Movie

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