Stranger Things ‘Upside Down’ Could Actually Be Real?

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Stranger Things is a science fiction horror web series that was released on Netflix on July 15, 2016. The show follows a group of young kids trying to look for their lost friend. In their search, they met a telekinetic girl who helps them. If you had not seen Stranger Things yet, this is where the article should stop for you. There will be some spoilers. All you need to know is that it is that good. It is well written, well shot, the acting is on point and it deserves your time.

Now, for the initiated, we have been wondering whether the ?Upside Down? dimension could really exists. This fella, Kyle Hill of the Nerdist, shows us in a very entertaining way how this Upside Down in Stranger Things could exist. Check the video out.

In the video, Hill quotes a paper by physicists Hall, Deckert and Wiseman (2014). Their model is called the ?many interacting worlds? (MIW) approach to quantum mechanics. In this view, all quantum effects (oddities) happen because of the interaction between large but finite number of worlds. This model does away with the ?parallel? universes concept as in MIW, these universes interact–not parallel at all, as parallel means not touching.

For physics nerds or the curious, you can download the original paper here.

The MIW is a precursor of how Hill describes how the Upside Down in Stranger Things may come about. Hill makes use of the idea of a quantum subspace that there is a quantum fabric filled with data. He pictures it to be a blanket with ruffles where these ruffles are random data emerging from the subspace. From our point of view, they are structures including us.

He goes on that the Upside Down of Stranger Things would be possible if there are two parallel realities (ruffles) in the quantum fabric linked by some entanglement. This entanglement allows ways where actions in one world could affect the other. He adds that if these realities are entangled enough, they may also start to overlap. This would give one observer in one reality to get to the other reality. This theory, he explained, would allow for the Upside Down in Stranger Things to maybe, actually exist.

In other words, if this is true, there are other layers of realities other than our own that we just can?t perceive. And maybe, just maybe, there is a way for us to get there. Let?s just not hope for it to have a demogorgon or two.

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