Stranger Things Soundtrack in the Works, Spotify playlist released

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Stranger Things
Stranger Things soundtrack coming soon

The Stranger Things Soundtrack is a refreshing tribute to the ?80s. Thanks to this new series, we not only recall the world before mobile phone and Internet addicton, but we are also reminded of some of the great pieces of work from some of the wonderful musicians who were popular at the time?before auto tune and the senseless, repetitive lyrics that we hear today.

The opening theme itself is a trippy, psychedelic, synth-heavy score by Austin-based band S U R V I V E?s Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Its extended version that plays for about 10 minutes, is the perfect background to listen to while you rush through your writing deadlines or Excel spreadsheets.

Stranger Things is directed by the Duffer Brothers, who are apparently fans of S U R V I V E. According to Indie Shuffle, band members Dixon and Stein received an email containing a mock trailer of Stranger Things, that was pitched to Netflix, with their song ?Dirge? used as the backtrack. The rest, they say, is history.

Retro vibe

The band?s sound revolved around the use of analog synths, which for those who don?t know, is an actual hardware, rather than a computer program. This also explains the retro vibe, making it the perfect opening theme to the series.

Stranger Things?also features music from some of the greatest punk, rock and new wave English bands of that era. To name a few, you get The Clash, Modern English, New Order and Joy Division.

Other awesome artists whose hits are featured include Jefferson Airplane, Toto, The Bangles, Corey Hart, Echo & the Bunnymen, Dolly Parton, Foreigner, Reagan Youth, Trooper, The Seeds, and Brotherhood of Men.

According to the official Facebook page, the Stranger Things soundtrack will be released to the public soon. ?Unfortunately, release date is yet unknown, so in the meantime, Netflix has put together a Spotify playlist as a treat to the series? audiophiles. ?You?re welcome!

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