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Stranger Things Season 2 Updates: Leaked Photos Indicate Return to Hawkins Lab; New Character To Replace Eleven?

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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers

Leaked photos which were said to be from the set of Stranger Things Season 2 are current the hottest talk on the Internet. Reports claim that it was an avid fan who uploaded the pictures of the Hawkins Lab.

The leaked snaps suggest two things. One is that shooting scenes for the second installment of Stranger Things could have already started. Another possibility is that the cast members are bound to return to Hawkins Lab in Stranger Things Season 2.

It was previously reported that filming for Stranger Things Season 2 is scheduled to start in October. Now leaked photos cause fans to be puzzled on why the crew was allegedly spotted in the place. Many are quick to assume that the crew are there to prepare for the pre-production.

If this is the case, there could be a possibility that when Stranger Things returns, it could open in Hawkins Lab. ?Contrary to this, it was already revealed by the The Duffer Brothers that the upcoming season opens outside the lab. The Duffer Brothers are the writers for the hit series. Check out the leaked photos here.

Max Replaces Eleven

In other Stranger Things Season 2 news, new characters will join the series. One of them is Max.

Max is a girl, but she appears and acts like a guy. Based on the description of her character, she is around age 12 to 14. She loves to ride a skateboard. She also finds it comfortable to be surrounded by boys. She could be the next friend of Will, Mike, Lucas and Dustin.

Max could first appear in the episode titled MadMax. While details about this new character are scarce, many are quick to assume that this new role is meant to take the slot of Eleven.

Eleven disappeared in the season finale.It looked like the monster took her. Fans were left guessing if she is dead or alive. She could be in a different dimension now and nobody knows if she will be back in Stranger Things Season 2.

Fans will learn more about these when Stranger Things returns in 2017.

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