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Stranger Things Season 2: What We Learned From Its Comic-Con Trailer

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stranger things season 2
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The wait is almost over. Netflix’s breakout series Stranger Things is finally returning in a few months’ time. The streaming service giant announced Eleven and the boys are returning to our screens on October 27. To hype things more, it has dropped a new trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, featuring a darker, more intense events that will surely keep everyone at the edge of their seats.

The trailer opens with the crew arriving at their local arcade. Mike, Lucas, Dustin, and Will take part in the game of Dragon’s Lair, only for Dirk the Daring to fail in his quest in saving Princess Daphne. That’s until things flash all around Will and his world turns back into the Upside Down.

Post-Upside Down Transformation

stranger things season 2

When we left him at the season finale, he was in his family’s bathroom, still pulling bits of that world out of himself and having hallucinations. In a voiceover, Will says, “I saw something…I felt it, everywhere.” As he talks, we see flashes of his family leaving Hawkins, Will in some kind of experimental facility, his mom Joyce (Winona Ryder) covering her mouth in horror, and rotting pumpkins.


stranger things season 2

While he’s already been rescued, Will is obviously still connected to the Upside Down which now became a home to a bigger and meaner monster than what we have seen from the previous season. It’s a giant, spider-like and although the creature isn’t quite as horrifying as season 1’s Demogorgon, it is still something that you necessarily do not want to run into on the street. Plus, it’s a wide shot. What terrors could a close-up of it hold?



Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of what other events are happening next season. As we already know, Stranger Things Season 2 will be set in 1984 and we’ll get to see the gang trick or treating dressed as the Ghostbusters. But they appear to have found their way in the Upside Down, catching something wicked in their Ghostbuster’s trap.



Officer Hopper won’t be letting go of his investigation of the strange events in Hawkins last year as well. In the footage, he appears to be tracking down an epicenter of activity of some kind on a map. Or is he perhaps still looking for Eleven somehow? After all, he was leaving those Eggos for her in the season finale.

Beyond Hawkins

stranger things season 2

Whatever the happens in Season 2, the trailer hints the threat has gone beyond Hawkins. Not only is a car seen driving out of town but at one point, Chief Hopper also says, “Whatever is happening is spreading from this place.”

Eleven’s Return

stranger things season 2

The good news is Eleven is alive! And while she’s still trapped in the Upside Down and dealing with those terrible nose bleeds, she seems to have found a passage back to the real world. The question is: can she use it? Is she as trapped as Will was in the Upside Down, or can she act as some sort of rescuer?

The boys were playing Dragon’s Lair at the beginning one. Is there a parallel to the guys saving Eleven here? Perhaps the clue as to how to do it will be found in the video game?

We’ll have to wait and see on October 27 when Stranger Things season 2 drops on Netflix, just in time for a Halloween binge. Are you ready? What do you like to see in the future episodes? Check out the new Comic-Con trailer and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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