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Stranger Things Season 2 Spoilers: Justice For Barb, Hopper’s Daughter & More In New Episodes

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Stranger Things Season 2

Eleven and the boys aren’t returning to our screens until Halloween. But as with any other shows, the Internet rumor mill is filled with pieces of information flying around. Helpfully, the cast has spilled some beans as well on what would happen in Stranger Things Season 2. To keep you updated, we’ve rounded up the latest ones we got from the cast recently below.

Spoilers ahead!

Barb’s Death

Ever since Stranger Things Season 1 came to an end, fans have been calling for justice for Barb. The ill-fated character, played by Shannon Purser, lost her life to the Demogorgon in the Upside Down, an alternate dimension which exists in parallel to the regular world. While some refuse to believe that she is gone, producer Shawn Levy confirmed in a Facebook Live event that Barb is definitely dead.

“She had like a creature-slug-worm-snake coming out of her mouth,” he recalled. “I don’t know that there’s a bounce-back from that!?’”

Purser is hopeful that the town would hold a funeral for her, saying “It would be great to have somebody acknowledge that she’s gone.” It remains to be seen whether or not that will materialize but Levy assures her death would not be left unmourned. He told Variety that “[Barb’s] memory and the search for justice for her is a part of season two.”

Hopper’s Mysterious Past

Meanwhile, Officer Jim Hopper’s character will be explored next season as well. Not only will he be involved in some sort of cover-up for the interdimensional monster that was running around town and Barb’s disappearance among others; the mystery of his past will be unraveled too.

We know he had a daughter who has a shaved head similar to Eleven and that she was hospitalized. Upon first viewing, many were quick to assume that the child died from cancer, but Harbour teased it might have been something else.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) roughly a year ago, the actor said he knows what happened to Hopper’s daughter but refused to reveal anything. “It’s a secret we may explore in S2, so don’t wanna say right now,” he said at that time. This generated speculations that maybe the child was another test subject like Eleven or that Milly Bobby Brown’s character is her daughter all along.

Unfortunately, that won’t be answered until the series premieres.

What’s and Why’s

Overall, Stranger Things Season 2 would attempt to tie the loose ends from the first season. As Gaten Matarazzo a.k.a Dustin Handerson pointed out: “There are certainly a lot of questions to answer—not just “what” but “why.” Why was Will taken? What is the Upside Down, really, and what effect will it have on Hawkins?”

He can’t say much, but he did tell Paste Magazine that the rift is still there. It was never closed and it has likely been getting bigger.

Stranger Things Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Tuesday, Oct. 31.

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