Stranger Things Season 2 Episode Titles Explained: Meanings, Release Date & More

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Stranger Things shot to fame with its 80?s inspired theme reminiscent of classic movies like ET, The Poltergeist and The Goonies. The positive response has expectedly guaranteed a Stranger Things Season 2, or as creators The Duffer brothers would rather call it, a sequel.

With the sequel already in the works, a teaser was recently released, revealing the nine episode titles for the second season. From these titles, Screen Rant analyzed what could be the possible plot lines based on Season 1.

?Madmax? would probably refer to one of the three new characters that will be introduced next season. Max is described as a tomboy who rides a skateboard rather than a bicycle. It seems Max will be joining Mike and his group sans Eleven, whose return to Season 2 is only assumed based on Season 1?s cliffhanger. Episode 1 ?Madmax? would most likely focus on catching viewers up on the residents of Hawkins, and introducing the new characters of Max, her older brother Billy, and the thirtysomething Roman.

?The Boy Who Came Back to Life? would probably be about Will and how he copes with life outside of the Upside Down. Having been stuck for roughly a week in the other world would definitely have a physical and emotional impact on him.

?The Pumpkin Patch? could coincide with Halloween since Season 2 will take place in the fall of 1984. But it could also just be a term used by the kids, similar to ?The Bathtub? in Season 1, which was actually a sensory deprivation tank. It could also refer to a place that looks like a pumpkin patch, but with a group of eggs, like the one Chief Hopper stumbled upon while he was in the Upside Down last season.

?The Palace? may have something to do with Nancy and her struggle to come to terms with Barb?s death. Or it could also refer to a location using the kids? terminology?a real life version of King Tristan from their ?Dungeons and Dragons? campaign. If so, could the ruler be Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) from the Hawkins National Laboratory? They still have a lot of explaining to do about the Upside Down.

Upside down

?The Storm? could be this season?s bottle episode where all the characters are kept in one place. There could be an actual storm featured and as we have seen in Season 1, electricity had some kind of connection to the Upside Down and the Demogorgon?s presence.

?The Pollywog? could refer to someone who has not yet traveled to the Upside Down, and would do so in this episode. That, or it may reference the slugs seen in the Upside Down, which could grow into something else.

?The Secret Cabin? might refer to a kind of hideaway where one or more of the characters take refuge. Could it be where Eleven disappeared to after she faced off with the Demogorgon?

?The Brain? may probably focus on Eleven?s psychokinetic abilities. These abilities were the effect of Hawkins Lab experimenting on her mother while she was pregnant. ?It could also refer to a pivotal character or creature since this would be the penultimate episode in the season.

?The Lost Brother? could be about Will and him being lost to brother Jonathan as he succumbs to effects that the other dimension has had on him. It could also mean a potential new character, perhaps one of the other children being experimented on other than Eleven. Could Eleven be the 11th experiment? As this will be the Stranger Things Season 2 finale, this episode would likely include hints to a possible Season 3.


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